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  • “Electronics Explained: the new systems approach to learning electronics” by Louis E Frenzel
    Focus on the contents from Chapter 1-3, 6-8. Browse through Chapter 4 and 5.
    • Learn about the basic components of electronics such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits.
    • Discover different types of circuits, using the functional block diagram approach which makes it easy to understand their purpose and application without requiring nitty-gritty circuit analysis.
    • Get a grip on embedded controllers, the single-chip microcontrollers that are built into virtually every electronic device.
    • Get involved with Hands-On projects in each chapter.

  • “How Wireless Works” by Preston Gralla
    [English q621.282 GRA]
    Learn about:
    • How data rides on the wireless waves.
    • How radio and television broadcasting work.
    • How cellular networks, cells and base stations work.
    • How Wifi works at home and at the office.
    • Privacy and security in a wireless world.
  • “Make: the best of 75 projects from the pages of MAKE” Editor in Chief: Mark Frauenfelder
    [English 600 BES]

    Learn to:
    • Hack your gadgets and toys
    • Program micontrollers to sense and react to things
    • Take flight with rockets, planes, and other projectiles
    • Make music from the most surprising of things
    • Find new ways to take photos and make video
    • Outfit yourself with the coolest tools

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